Besides a variety of health benefits that help your pet live a longer, happier life, there are also behavioral benefits to spaying and neutering your pets. It also helps decrease the number of homeless pets and strays that get euthanized every year.

What procedures can I have done on my pet at Alameda Animal Hospital?

A variety of procedures are performed at Alameda Animal Hospital ranging from tooth extractions, spay/neuter to enucleations (eye removal). Your pet will be assessed by the doctor prior to any surgical procedure. It is encouraged you ask any questions you have concerning your pet and the recommended or necessary procedure. There are some procedures where consultation with a boarded veterinary surgeon may be recommended.

What evaluations does my pet need for anesthesia?

Your pet will first be examined by the doctor prior to any surgical procedure to make sure there are no outward signs of disease that may prohibit anesthesia. Laboratory work will be recommended to evaluate your pet’s internal organ function prior to anesthesia.

What is your anesthesia protocol?

While your pet is under anesthesia we monitor blood pressure, blood oxygen, heart rate, carbon dioxide levels, respiration rate, and temperature. Your pet will be on IV fluids throughout the procedure and kept warm with warming blankets/mats. We would be more than happy to discuss every step of the process with you if you have questions!

Call us today if you have questions about an anesthetic procedure and your pet. (310) 638-4149