We are extremely proud of our dedicated team. We hire only the best and most experienced employees to become a part of our team here at Alameda Animal Hospital. Our team is filled with highly dedicated animal lovers who are well trained at their jobs. They will do anything possible for their patients and the owners who love them.

Learning and education are very important here at Alameda Animal Hospital. We strive to have a state of the art hospital with a staff trained in the latest medical advances. Our patients deserve the very best veterinary care.

Basically, our team is full of animal lovers. They make it a goal to treat each patient like their own. They give each patient plenty of love and attention. They are prepared to discuss preventative medicine so that every pet can stay as healthy as possible. They will also do everything that they can to make a sick pet feel better as soon as possible.



Dr. Brittany Neal – Veterinarian

Dr. Brittany Neal is a Southern California native raised in Rialto, CA. She knew at the age of 8 years old she wanted to care for animals. After high school, she was interested in a change in scenery and obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree from Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, Alabama. As much as she loved Tuskegee University she was ready to come home and attended Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, CA where she earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. With her experience working in multiple emergency medicine and general medicine practices she found she enjoyed general practice the most, “I feel I can make a bigger impact educating pet owners about the care their pet needs to help make the human-animal bond stronger.” She enjoys traveling and hiking with her dog Jay, short for Jay-Z.



Mikala – Administrative Assistant

Hello, my name is Mikala, and I’m an Administrative Assistant. I have always loved animals and helping people; here I get the best of both worlds. Although I never imagined working at an animal hospital, I couldn’t be happier with my job! Outside of my love for helping others, I am a huge book and BTS fan.



Lupe Arroyo – Veterinary Assistant

Hello, my name is Lupe and I am a veterinarian assistant. It wasn’t until I became a pet parent that I realized my passion for helping animals. So I decided to pursue a career in the veterinarian field. I love my job. Aside from work, I am a music lover, big time showgoer, and a chips and salsa fanatic!



Marytere – Veterinary Assistant

Hello, my name is Marytere. At the age of 4 I got my first puppy since then I knew I had a passion for animals. I knew I wanted to be in the Veterinary field so I stuck to it and now I am a Veterinary Assistant and couldn’t be any happier to help. I do have 2 babies Bibi and Chyna. Outside of work I do enjoy being with my family and pets going on adventures.



Jenny – Veterinary Assistant

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I have always wanted to work with animals. In 2018 I decided to go to school to become a veterinary assistant. One of my goals is to open an animal rescue. Some of my favorite hobbies are going to concerts, camping, listening to music, and going out with friends.



Marlene – Veterinary Assistant

Hello, I’m Marlene, and I’m a Veterinary Technician. I love animals and have always been passionate about health and wellness. It brings me so much joy to be able to help animals every day! Outside of work, you can usually catch me at the gym or a concert.



Coreen – Receptionist

I love helping my community and city ! I am a mom to a fur baby so I understand the struggle when our babies are sick, my mission here is to serve and love your pets just like they are my own. On my free time it consists of music and groovin with my loved ones.



Luis – Veterinary Assistant

Hello, my name is Luis. I have always loved animals and helping them feel better. I believe there’s no stronger bond than a person and their pet. Outside of work, my favorite things to do are work on cars, hang out with my family, and relax.


If you would like to speak to someone on our team, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (310) 638-4149.