Financial Policy

Thank you for choosing Alameda Animal Hospital as your Veterinary Healthcare Provider. We are committed to your pet’s treatment being successful. The following is a statement of our Financial Policy

  • Full payment is due at time of service.
  • We accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, ScratchPay and Care Credit.
  • A deposit may be required for any procedure.


As veterinary medicine becomes more technologically advanced, the cost of care increases because of the higher costs associated with the equipment, facilities and training required to provide these higher-quality services. For some, the cost of care can cause some anxiety. Pet insurance can help by offsetting some or most of the costs of diagnosing, treating and managing your pet’s illness or injury.
-American Veterinary Medical Association

There are number of pet insurance companies and some workplaces will offer pet insurance, as well.

Companies that we commonly come across are:

It is always recommended you do your research on what pet insurance company and plan level best fit your circumstances.


We accept financing through Scratchpay and CareCredit. Please feel free to visit their websites to get more information and apply.

Call us today if you have questions about how to pay for your pet’s care. (310) 638-4149