Even though your pet can appear happy and healthy during a physical exam it is very importation to make sure they truly are on the inside. Some underlying diseases can go unnoticed by owners until it is too late. Some diseases, if caught early can be managed or treated early to provide a longer and more quality life to your pet.
Testing in young animals is important to compare trends. If certain values in the blood are trending in an abnormal direction it is easier to manage/treat early than to wait for it to reach an abnormal level.
Older animals have a higher chance of having abnormalities in the blood than younger animals.

What does a blood test screen for?

  • Complete Blood Cell Count (CBC):
  • Will screen red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Abnormalities in a CBC can indicate anemia, infection, and or inflammation.

  • Blood Chemistry Profile:
  • Will screen for liver disease, kidney disease, blood sugar, electrolyte abnormalities and endocrine disorders. Any abnormalities will help us decide on further diagnostic tests or treatments.

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